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Segab Engineering BV

Your specialist in foundry technology

Our experience in customised core sand mixing and sand reclamation plants, product reliability and excellent customer services form the basis for optimal results!


Product reliability

Over the past five decades, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience and our product lines have been subject to continuous redevelopment to make them the present-day reference for quality in the market in which we operate.


New construction and upgrades

We supply modern, advanced, turnkey production plants customised completely in accordance with your wishes. We would also be glad to assist you with upgrading/converting existing system components in your core moulding shop!

Fast delivery

Short, flexible lead times with assembly and subsequent worldwide delivery mostly from stock from our new, spacious production plant in Ede, which is situated centrally in the Netherlands.

Core sand preparation

Segab’s PROMIX batch mixer usually forms the actual basis of a core sand mixing plant. Ten different models of the mixers are available for batches from 20 to 900 kg and for capacities up to 18 t/h. A Segab complete mixing and distribution plant guarantees optimal homogeneity with the shortest lead times for all mixing processes under any circumstances.

Sand reclamation

The VIBRIX delivery programme comprises mechanical reclamation systems for recycling resin-bonded (foundry) sand. A single compact unit is all that is needed for shaking out moulding boxes, crushing clumps, and cleaning and sieving sand. In these vibratory attrition mills, the sand is cleaned through the action of clumps and particles grinding against each other, and the amount of waste is reduced to a negligible level. Various models are available for capacities ranging from 2 to 18 t/h.

Pneumatic conveyors / silo installations

For optimally transporting raw and bulk materials, our delivery programme contains various pneumatic systems, which are based either on the plug conveyor or fluidisation operating principles and geared specifically to the product to be transported. We also provide project planning services and supply conveyor line segments, silo installations, etc.

Advice and support

Because of our years of experience, we can offer you professional help and support in widely ranging areas. You can also depend on us, for example, for maintenance, relocation and conversion of all sorts of installations.

Segab foundry equipment

Segab Engineering BV has developed, manufactured and installed equipment for the international foundry, chemical and automotive industries since 1965.
In the intervening period, we have become an expert in our field, which has led to an extensive and sophisticated delivery programme for processing the widest possible range of bulk goods and liquids.

Our technical specialists do everything in their power to construct and set-up the optimum installation for the given situation.

The right equipment for every foundry requirement
Segab’s comprehensive range of foundry equipment focuses on the following main areas:

  • Mixing (PROMIX–core-sand preparation plants with capacities up to 18 t/h)
  • Regeneration (VIBRIX–sand reclamation systems, for example, for recycling resin-bonded foundry sand)
  • Transportation (pneumatic conveyor systems for raw and bulk materials and dust)
  • Treatment (including sand cooling and heating, and sand dust removal units)

We provide total solutions for:

  • Project planning/engineering and the turnkey delivery of customised hi-tech foundry plants (new construction)
  • Technical upgrades/optimisations of existing foundry equipment and machinery (conversions)
  • Delivery of standalone machines and sundry equipment
  • Design and build solutions for customer-specific issues

that have the following advantages for you:

  • Internationally renowned, high-quality, reliable products
  • User-friendly tailored products due to our customer-minded approach
  • Short lead times due to our flexible organisation and new production plant
  • Excellent service

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